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Lure Coursing Saluki
of the year 2023

Nomi was awarded Lure Coursing Saluki of the year in Norway in 2023. She holds two coursing certificates from Norway and one from Sweden.

4 weeks old!

The puppies are now 4 weeks old and the 4-week pictures are ready. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, you are welcome to contact us.


Nomi & Zico

Meet the parents

Nomi and Zico are the parents of the current litter.

With Nomi, a successful coursing Saluki and Zico, an international* champion with a nice temperament, we are hoping for well-tempered Salukis that can be functional both on the LC-field, at shows and in the every day lives of the puppies and owners.

DNA test results

The planned litter may give the colors creme, golden, red, fawn/sable, Irish markings and parti-color. We may not get any black nor grizzle.


About the Saluki

Salukis are a breed of sighthounds that were originally bred in the Middle East - a hunter who rely on their eyesight.​ Their history can be traced back to ancient times, where they served as loyal companions and skilled hunters for millennia. ​​The Saluki thrive on gentle interactions. If obedience training is your priority, the Saluki might not be a good fit for you. While they maintain their autonomy, Salukis form deep bonds with their families.​ Salukis are renowned for their elegant and graceful build. Salukis should convey grace, symmetry, speed, endurance and strength. Their expression is dignified and gentle, with soft, far-seeing eyes.


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